Procedure and Guidelines

"Time to Make & Break The Records With Us"


Approval of record - Procedure

  • To become a Nirwin World Greatest Record Holder; you can either set a new record or break an existing record. Following are the requirements to become a record holder of the book:
  • Prepare yourself for the record and practice for final attempt. Fill the form available at official website of NWGR (, and mail us the required evidence at
  • After receiving your form, the team would review it and give you acknowledgement of acceptance to attempt the record.
  • You can invite an adjudicator/Judges from the Nirwin World Greatest Records. (not mandatory)
  • Along with acknowledgement of acceptance you will receive record specific guidelines which you need to follow during attempting the record.
  • Attempt the records in accordance to the guidelines.
  • Send all the evidences to NWGR in case you have not invited the adjudicators. (You are supposed to email all the evidences).
  • If your record is approved, you would be provided the Certificate of NWGR.

Record Certification

  • Make your record-breaking experience event an unforgettable event. Use of the logo of Nirwin World Greatest Records at your attempt can generate excitement and attention. You can freely use the NWGR logo on T-shirts, Banners, posters, handouts and media release with prior permission.
  • To acknowledge the Nirwin World Greatest Record attempt by an official adjudicator on the spot a provisional certificate is presented to the successful claimant after the verification of the claim. Nirwin World Greatest Record - provisional Certificate contains the details of the record including the name of the record holder, date and location of the record attempt. The certificate helps the record holder to demonstrate and publicize his/her world class achievement.
  • NWGR also provides extra Certification facility, which enables record holder to order 'duplicates of the original standard certificate'. These standard extra certificates with the seal of approval of WGR can be presented on site of record attempt by an official adjudicator or sent to the record holder afterwards.
  • NWGR also offers 'Personalized Certificate' in case of mass attempt. Personalized Certificate enables record holders to order an edited version of the standard certificate. These personalized extra certificates (coordination/ Participation) enable record holders to include his/her name as well as some other information as requested and approved by NWGR. Thus all those who coordinated/participated in the successful record attempt can have their name on an official Personalized Nirwin World Greatest Records Certificate.
  • After you've attempted the record, you'll need to fill the Registration Form available on website claim and send an email to The claim has to be supported by all required evidence. 

Process for Claiming Record

  • Record Claiming Material should be emailed; clearly mentioning the Claim ID, Applicant's Name, Address and Contact Details.
  • The charge for inviting an Adjudicator for on-the-spot/instant recognition will be on record attempter. In case of mass records, the Record Management and recognition charges depend on the number of participants attempting the mass record since there can be more than one adjudicator present at the record attempt. It will be mandatory for the record attempter/attempters or the sponsors of the record event to bear the travel and accommodation of the adjudicator/s as per the norms specified by Nirwin World Greatest Records.
  • We accept online claims and registrations of record attempts for completing the certification process, the attempter has to send/mail duly filled Record Application form/Record Claim Form, Few Photographs related to record, Video of record attempt and media coverage (if available) at
  • Pendrive/ Hard Drive submitted as evidence can be sent with clearly mentioning the attempter name, record attempted, address and contact number.
  • At least two witnesses should be present at the time of attempting the record.
  • The complete details about all witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents.
  • Claimed Record approval and certification may take 30-45 days.
  • Failure to produce any of the required documents can lead to the rejection of the record claim.
  • Documents and material submitted to NWGR is supposed to become property of NWGR and under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents back to the attempter.
  • Claim will be accepted and approved after the complete process of claim verification.
  • Approval and certification will be published only after the complete process of attempt verification.

Inviting an Adjudicator

  • NWGR team must be notified one month prior to the date of the record attempt for sending an adjudicator at the attempt location.
  • Travel and accommodation of the adjudicator/s will be the responsibility of the record attempter individual/organization or sponsor/s if any.
  • If the record attempt is successful, the Adjudicator can give on-the-spot certification subject to his/her complete satisfaction. In case of on-the-spot certification attempts, the approval will be solely depending on the satisfaction of the Adjudicator.
  • Get planning straight away - immediate processing of your application and receipt of your record guidelines

Evidence Required

  • Cover Letter (Fill all the information about your attempted record);
  • Record Participants details with their photograph and signature;
  • The complete detail about all witness with their photograph and signature;
  • Video Footage;
  • High-quality color photographs;
  • Media Coverage, if any (Audio/video/print/electronic) - Offline and online.